So in case you haven’t noticed, you’re at BoxLine, the officially unofficial website of the Xbox franchise! If you didn’t mean to come here, stay a while anyway (you’ve already wasted this much time reading this, why not a little more?).

BoxLine includes reviews, news, and help for people who use Xboxes. With the news part, many of the articles featured will be done by other websites, but they’ll be here too. The reviews give you a second opinion on games (even if you think you’re the grand arbiter of all things Xbox-Games related).

The TechHelp section of the site is what I really want to direct you to, though. I’ve been all over the web many times over trying to find stuff about Xbox maintenance, and (quite frankly) anything free out there is utter crap. You have to pay money to get information which people should be giving out for free, which I think just isn’t right. Feel free to ask any questions you might have there, I’d love to answer them.

So, I’m presenting you with the most easily accessible free guide to Xbox maintenance! Posts on the TechHelp page contain all sorts of useful little tidbits of information (if you’re not afraid of a little do-it-yourselfing). So, enjoy and put this stuff to good use!

XBox controller

Just as a disclaimer, BoxLine is NOT endorsed by Microsoft. Xbox and basically everything related to it is trademarked by Microsoft, so I do not have any rights to that stuff.


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